MA Unit 1 Learner Agreement

This was the draft I submitted for discussion. I found describing my thoughts in bullet points and lists didn’t make it easy to convey what I really wanted to say so I drew a mind map too.

Overall aims and objectives

  1.  explore new approaches to working with my existing interests (lines, spaces, layering, constructing…) – without getting too distracted
  2. focus on drawing first, not textile (though still interested in textile as ‘a drawing that is habitable’)
  3. review where my work lies on the body ➤ textile ➤ space ➤ architecture continuum

What is your plan and rationale for both your practice and research within this unit and how do you think that they support each other?

Practice – extending my existing practice

  • working within everyday personal spaces at home and at college
  • layering of marks, marks over time, constructing the drawing as one goes along (wayfaring)
  • layering of paper, fabric, both
  • drawing in space – capturing gesture,

Research – what’s the theoretical context for this and related contemporary art practice

  •  artists working with (?personal) space – creating it, experiencing it e.g. Do Ho Suh, Christo, Richard Long (if art from the land can xfer to art from urban space?), Rebecca Horn
  •  artists using multiple layers and planes to construct work
  •  how the body and space/ the body and architecture are related

 What background research will you undertake to help you formulate this proposal? 

  •  the origin of architecture and esp links with textile and clothing – Gottfried Semper and Harry Mallgrave’s writings about Temper
  • how we experience space – Gaston Bachelard, Juhani Pallasmaa, Jane Rendell

What resources will you need to secure carry out your proposal? (

  •  contained spaces – eg MA Painting project space, the small room in the MA Drawing Portakabin
  • ?help with managing large scale work

What skills do you already have in this area?

  •  strategy for working from reference material to fairly large scale drawing
  •  synthesis of research material (but in other subject areas) and report writing

What skills do you anticipate needing to acquire or develop?

  • using online research resources effectively
  •  implementing experimental and/or collaborative projects

151018 Su Bonfanti Unit 1 Learner Agreement mindmap small for web