MA Unit 1 Learner Agreement tutorial discussion

In my tutorial with our course leader, Tania Kovats, she suggested that I should focus my research on drawing and leave life, the universe and everything till later. So much for ‘not getting distracted’.

She recommended that I start with Deanna Petherbridge’s The Primacy of Drawing  and Rawson’s On Drawing, both apparently academic but accessible.

We looked at the drawings I had started on fabric wrapped round my metal frames: the selection and placement of the drawings; how they were affected by my eye level: how can I change that; how I could move the fabric while I was drawing, and how the fabric could be presented – could that move as well, like an old-fashioned kitchen towel on a roller?

More suggestions for research related to my drawings of the studios: Giacometti’s studio drawings and a chapter in the Bachelard book The Poetics of Space  on corners.