Digging up the past

I’m acquiring so much paper! I had wondered about binding it all into a book but decided to laminate it into a block, probably one block per unit. And then Do Something with it.

Then I was reading Drawing – the purpose by Leo Duff and Phil Sawdon. There is a chapter about archaeological drawing. I had forgotten that I ever knew about it. What the author says about a context as a ‘unit of space and time, a distinct event in the life of the site’ fits with what I’m thinking about the Portakabin and why I’m making so many drawings of it: to capture each unit of space and time. But I’m capturing it as we make it, not after the fact. I’m constructing it, not re-constructing.

So now I’m thinking about using the conventions of archaeological drawing and even the materials. I need to source Permatrace drafting film. I wonder how transparent it is.

The idea of stratigraphy, the drawing of layers, also gives me a focus for my laminated pile of papers. Again I’m creating a series of strata, not re-creating them. But I wonder if I could cut the laminated pile – how? – and draw what I find. So that I am both creating, excavating or uncovering the strata and then documenting them.