Feeling animated

There wasn’t much time for thinking during the Symposium. But two new lines (sorry about the pun) have come out of it.

First, I’ve got a new resource of lines: the ones created by string in my Becoming a Line intervention and the ones I drew upstairs in the Bargehouse. I was drawing the cracks on floor; then I took some rubbings. And then I realised that the backs of those pages retained the impressions of the cracks and looked like contour lines.

And second, the workshop with Sara Schneckloth Animating the Bargehouse has given me new enthusiasm for continuing with my series of studio drawings. I would not have said I was interested in ‘time-based’ work but it turns out that I am. I had thought of animation as about movement, continuous movement. But what Sara showed us is like a series of time-shifts and that is exactly what I’m recording in the studio.

I don’t want to make a stop-motion animation of how it changes, but an animation that shifts would reflect what is actually happening. I don’t have to change the way I’m making the fact that they shift viewpoint doesn’t matter. I just need to make more. Lots more.