Notes from tutorial with Tania Kovats

Key things to do and to think about from my tutorial with Tania Kovats today:

  • consider the role a plan of the Portakabin studio could play in my time-shift series of drawings/animation. Ask Jayne Knowles, Associate Dean, if there is a plan I could use.
  • check out Bruce Nauman film of his studio; Paul McCarthy dragging himself through paint in his studio
  • The Silent Studio – Picasso’s studio
  • other ‘mausoleum’ studios: Francis Bacon, Brancusi, Barbara Hepworth at St Ives
  • Whitechapel reader on The Studio
  • Lucy Lippard quote about place being created by among other things what happens there and what does not. My drawings as a record of what happened, what was. My drawings as evidence.
  • importance of truthfulness in my drawing.
  • idea of evidence links to idea of archaeology and stratigraphy. Laying down the layers, rather than peeling them back. The archaeology of the present.
  • read ‘The Archaeology of Alienation’ Victor Buchi & Gavin Lucas.
  • need to consider depth in the drawings of views through the Centre for Drawing window.