Notes from Critical Practice Tutorial with Tania Kovats

Tutorial today with Tania Kovats about possible subjects for my Unit 1 Critical Practice essay. I had tried to set down in a mind map how my thinking about what underpins my work, and hence what I might want to write about, had developed over the past few months. Lots of new ideas – which is what I hoped to get from this course; but not so much focus.

160107 CP Tutorial mindmap for web

What seems to be at the heart of it is not space as such but more units of time passing within a space, what is there and what isn’t there.

Two practical conclusions:

  • consider taking as my essay topic three works that deal with the passage of time or units of time in different ways
  • try animating the transitions between drawings in my slideshows – which you can see here – by drawing some intermediate frames linking them.