Metal Workshop Induction

Or how I learned to feel the fear and hot weld anyway.

The idea of the workshop was both an induction to the workshop and the processes available; and an introduction to the idea of taking a line off the page and into 3D. The metal workshop is not my natural environment but I wanted to understand more about what is possible. And I hoped to go away with something useful.

But when you know nothing, it’s hard to assess what might be feasible. So I went with a couple of ideas, including a box to display a small textile piece.

160114 Metal Workshop drawings for webWell, I didn’t end up with a mesh-sided, hinge-lidded box but I did go home with this.

160114 Metal Workshop finished box for web

I did a lot of measuring and snipping. And I did do some hot welding (thank you Sarah for your help and for doing the bits I just couldn’t manage). I still feel like a fish out of water in there but I learned some new things and I came away with a piece that houses a small textile work about Cambodia, which you can see on  my Portfolio page.