Wood Workshop Induction

Another environment which doesn’t feel natural to me, but Pete Logan’s introduction to what is available in the workshop and to health and safety means I feel I could venture in there.

160127 Wood Workshop with Pete Logan for webWe tried out the radial arm saw and Pete demo’d the band saw, including cutting loose curves, and the fretsaw with which it’s possible to cut even tight curves.

The great revelation to me was that there is a machine which will cut mitred corners in pairs – producing a perfect fit and very smooth surfaces – and another that will staples the mitres together. I had imagined hours of measuring, sawing, and fixing mistakes, just to make a basic frame.

Which just goes to show how important inductions are for me: there is so much that I don’t know I don’t know from a technical perspective but also in terms of presenting work. New things become possible.

Now, I’m wondering which machine might be best for slicing into my glued piles of papers.