Mick Peter at Drawing Room, London SE1

This show Pyramid Selling is described as ‘like walking into a latter-day comic strip’. What I hadn’t realised from the publicity is that the figures are cast, although I’m not sure what from, and they are about (my) life-size.

160301 Mick Peters at Drawing Room 01 for web

160301 Mick Peters at Drawing Room 03 for web

They are cartoon characters almost come to life, at work in a concrete landscape, carrying around large-scale red zips, which also seem to have a life of their own. The figures still have the characteristics of a 2D figure, with folds and creases to make them stand upright, or sit perched on a block. But we make mental adjustments so easily that any ‘anatomical anomalies’ really don’t matter.

The work is intended to use humour to ‘tackle socio-political issues’, in this case the idea of pyramid selling as a metaphor (or metonym perhaps?) for any kind of scheme in which the lower echelons do all the work and only those at the top make the money. Here there is a boss, leaning back in his office chair, literally looking down on the workers.

160301 Mick Peters at Drawing Room 02 for web