Sergej Jensen at White Cube Bermondsey, London SE1

I went to this gallery to see another show but wandered into this one first and actually enjoyed it more. Jensen is Danish but lives and works in New York. The title of the show is Moneybags: the works are literally painted on bank money bags, sewn together to form canvases.

Some of them are simple grid compositions, with dark or muted glazes. There are obvious comparisons with Agnes Martin or Rothko (though these are mostly smaller). I enjoyed the pair below; the faint lines parallel to the seams on some panels are blue lines woven into the cloth. In general I preferred the paintings in which the bags retained some value in the work, rather than becoming just a surface on which to paint something else.

160301 Sergej Jensen at White Cube Bermondsey 01 Nude 1 and Nude 2

160301 Sergej Jensen at White Cube Bermondsey 03 US Mint 160301 Sergej Jensen at White Cube Bermondsey 02









The simplicity of the format draws attention to the printed and handwritten marks on the bags: dimes, quarters, golf club float, £1-5-0 … ; and sometimes there are what look like rubbings of coins, perhaps just the dirt of ages.