Peer Workshop with Dan Qi

Dan Qi’s own work is based on her – unusually vivid! – dreams so it wasn’t surprising that she wanted to use her peer workshop to explore other peoples’ dreams.

We started with an Exquisite Corpse exercise done in pairs. Here’s what Ray and I produced. This Surrealist game worked better than I’ve known it do before, probably because everyone was willing to draw!

160303 Peer WKshop Dan Qi 01 my Ray's Ex Corps 160303 Peer WKshop Dan Qi 02 My Ray Ex Corps

Next we did a very small sketch of an interesting dream. I’m not the ideal participant in a workshop about dreams as I very rarely remember any. I used a recurring dream I had as a young child, because it’s one of the few I can recall in any detail.

160303 Peer WKshop Dan Qi 06 my first sketch

And here is it is a larger colour version


160303 Peer WKshop Dan Qi 07 sketch and larger drawing

That’s me in the pink dress on my bike, cycling past a large house, the kind where my ballet class was held. But a giant ogre lives in this house and he tries to stop me cycling away by pushing out through a window a giant paintbrush with something sticky on the end.

160303 Peer WKshop Dan Qi 14 mine woven for webFinally Dan had us cut our colour drawing into strips and weave them into a new version, which offers just random glimpses of the dream story.




Here are some other people’s dream drawings.

160303 Peer WKshop Dan Qi 08 Ray


160303 Peer WKshop Dan Qi 10 Giulia


160303 Peer WKshop Dan Qi 20 Ray's woven

Ray’s drawing woven