Notes from tutorial with Tania Kovats

I had some new work to show Tania today and I had some particular questions I wanted to discuss.

We looked at the documentation for my book To The Sunlit Uplands, including the film, and the final wax-dipped object (both here). Tania encouraged me to show both at our Interim Exhibition in April but I need to consider exactly how to present them. I want the film on a smallish screen, so looking at it is like holding a book – perhaps even an iPad which you could literally hold in your hands. The book will probably be in an archive box – need to decide exactly which boxes, as I’m likely to use this method of presentation for other work too. And then, where to put the box/book in relation to the film? On a shelf, high up perhaps. Tania mentioned Dexion shelving, utilitarian like the archives we have visited recently. Given how much archiving is running as a common thread in my work, I might want to have some shelving that I can use repeatedly.

We agreed that I should get on and finish the three drawings I have done for the National Gallery project. So I need to get over my lack of confidence and spend some time in the wood workshop.

We talked about whether my contour map needed anything more. I had put it on a piece of off-white paper just to protect it from the grubby table surface and I felt it did need another layer of texture. But when I was putting the piece away in a greyboard folder, we both noticed how the layering ‘popped’ against that darker toned background. So I need to explore possible colours for a background layer: mid grey or ‘map blue’ or mid green. I might not need the text layer, though I’m inclined to try that out still.

On my Critical Practice essay, Tania’s advice was to

stop reading now.

I think she may be right!