‘Out of Line’ at the Centre for Recent Drawing, London N1

We had the opportunity to put on a show at the Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD) in Islington, curated by Phil Goss. The gallery space is small so we each proposed one piece. Mine is the map on the right of the image above. Also in shot are works by Rachel Bacon (left) and Rosalind Barker (centre).

Given the range and variety of our practice, this was very much an un-themed group show and our publicity for the show made a virtue of that.

Produced by Ali Christie and Rachel Bacon; image by Janine Hall

Produced by Ali Christie and Rachel Bacon; image by Janine Hall

Screenshot 2016-04-15 17.59.33I wanted to get more involved with the publicity and marketing for this event, so I ran our Twitter presence. Our key marketing materials were the poster/flyer and our Instagram presence (curated by Caragh Savage and Andrew Youngson). Our Twitter presence could use those and focus on just getting seen by as many people as possible. I identified a range of gallery and organisations whose curators or followers might be interested and sent targeted Tweets. We got several retweets including from Jerwood Space and the Drawing Room, reaching over 30,000 people on Twitter.

160415 retweets re C4RD Screenshot 2016-04-15 17.44.22

To judge from turn out at the PV, tweeting didn’t generate many (any?) visitors but combined with the Instagram feed, it has raised our profile which will be a good base for publicity for future events.