Long-exposure photos

I wanted to try taking long exposure photographs of me drawing. What I had in my mind’s eye was multiple ghosted images of my hand and arm against the finished drawing. What I got was this:

160426 long exposure shot 04 for web 160426 long exposure shot 02 for web






The feasible exposure was shorter that I had hoped: beyond about 4 minutes everything starts to get blown out. And that was with pretty low light levels. And it was much harder to keep my arm or hand in one place long enough to be captured: it’s difficult to draw slowly!

But these last two shots were more successful and suggest a method to explore more:

160426 long exposure shot 07 for web 160426 long exposure shot 06 for web






Starting with a charcoal ground helps with the ‘blown out’ problem. And it turns out that using an eraser makes it easier to keep your hand in one spot long enough to register. The right hand shot was made using some additional flashes, which produce the ‘ghosted but not really moving’ images of my arm.