Strata revealed

It’s time to cut up that stack of papers I’ve been glueing together. Here’s the final stack:

160427 final stack before cutting up for web 160427 final stack end on for web

And here it is sliced up:

160504 paper stack cut into slices for web 160504 paper stack slice for web

I had hoped for a bigger stack but the results are interesting anyway; there is more colour visible than I expected. And it is a truly unique piece: there is no other way to make it than to patiently glue papers one by one and it is impossible to replicate.

I knew I wanted a glossy surface so I tried a few options:

160504 experiments with surface treatment of slices for web

I didn’t like the colour – too intrusive, not integrated. The acrylic wax + gloss medium combination gave the surface I liked best, probably because the wax sealed the surface first, allowing the gloss coats to shine.

160508 paper stack with gloss surface and gold leaf for web 160508 paper stack surface detail for web 160508 paper stack gold detail for web

You can see the gloss in the photo on the right. And there’s some gold leaf pushed into some cavities too.