Like riding a bike

I had been putting off starting work again. It’s all very well to say ‘yes, I want to be more spontaneous; to produce work that is less contained, orderly; to work in a way that reflects how I feel  not just what I think’. But how? I felt like I had forgotten everything I knew about making different kinds of drawings. I just had to get back on the bike …

I was looking through family photographs – and I don’t have many so it doesn’t take long – and identified a handful that I particularly like because they seem to me to convey something about the family members portrayed in them. That seems as good a starting point as any. So here’s my first go at just making drawings in different ways, as food for a larger piece that works several images together – in some yet to be determined way!

160608 Su on bike 01 for web

just charcoal

160608 Su on bike 02 for web

with ink over the charcoal


160609 Su on tricycle ink & charcoal for web

with the highlights re-established


160609 Su on tricycle graphite first stage for web



160610 Su on tricycle 01 graphite powder for web

using graphite powder to create general tonal areas

160610 Su on tricycle 02 graphite powder for web

starting to work into the graphite powder