I’ve occupied the small room in our Portakabin studio. In only a few days I can see how much difference it can make to my practice, especially by separating where I make drawings and where I do everything else: reading, writing, all the online stuff.

On my table in the studio right now:

160609 Book of the Dead for Turo 01 for web

Fragments of ‘Book of the Dead for Turo’: a handmade book, wrapped in linen, buried in the garden for 3 months, dug up and unwrapped

160609 Caragh's plaster fragments for web

a gift from fellow MA student Caragh Savage: fragments of plaster poured onto hand-drawn plans from which a print has transferred

160608 plaster from Caragh for web

more fragments from Caragh Savage’s plaster pouring onto plans









160610 Fragments 01 plaster, bk of the dead, stratigraphy for web

plaster/book/stratified papers

Thinking about what I saw at the Double Take show at Drawing Room, questions I need to ask myself:

  • what do I want to collage? Working answer: photographs and/or drawings of me as a child and now, or at least as an adult
  • presented how? Current thoughts involve the welded metal drawing frames I found last year
  • what’s the story? and how will I tell it? Do I need to know?

‘The end is where we start from.’

T S Eliot ‘Little Gidding’

  • scale? at the moment, immersion feels important. Also because things are harder to read if you are very close up, which you would be in my frames.