MA Unit 2 Learner Agreement

Here is the text finalised after my tutorial with Tania Kovats.

WCA MA Drawing: Learner Planning Sheet

Unit: 2 Navigation             Name: Su Bonfanti

Overall aims and objectives

  • Develop an approach to my work that allows for greater uncertainty in the outcome.
  • Present work in a way that reflects the ambiguities/uncertainties around its subject matter.
  • Initiate collaborative project with other students.

What is your plan and rationale for both your practice and research within this unit and how do you think that they support each other?


  • experiment with different drawing approaches and techniques – inks, graphite powder, blind drawing, different tools
  • explore long-exposure photographs to record movement/drawing
  • collage – how to use images together; digital collage
  • work larger
  • use the studio more


  • forgetting and remembering in the selection of images
  • how layering can create ambiguity

What background research will you undertake to help you formulate this proposal? (Try to be specific, if reading, whom? Who are the key players within the discourses of your discipline or area of enquiry?) 

  • Forgetting and remembering, including the role of objects – eg De Certeau The Practice of Everyday Life; Forty and Küchler The Art of Forgetting;
  • Artists working with memory and/or with constructing a new narrative through layering: Adrian Piper, Matt Saunders, Paolo Molinari, Kathleen Herbert, Sandra Beccarelli, Julie Mehretu
  • Is the studio really the subject of some of my work? More reading on the studio and post-studio practice

What resources will you need to secure carry out your proposal? (i.e. technical facilities/space)

  • Use of the Observatory and the large scale digital printer in the Print Workshop
  • Use of the small space in the Portakabin would be helpful

What skills do you already have in this area?

  • Have established a baseline for taking long-exposure photographs.
  • Can use Photoshop to manipulate images successfully.

What skills do you anticipate needing to acquire or develop?

  • Re-visiting/refreshing drawing skills and approaches.