Making a memory

I made an animation of the stages of making my new drawing, Souvenir, which you can see on my Unit 2 Portfolio page. I don’t quite know why I started to take photos of work in progress, but I find it satisfying to look at the way an image emerges. You’ll notice that I do seem to work through the image bit by bit, rather than all over. Partly that’s because, in this case, I knew how I wanted the background to look, before I knew what I wanted to do with the figures.

I was originally thinking of making some element of the image sharper than the rest, probably the clasped hands, but when it came to it, it didn’t work. Or at least, I couldn’t find a way to make it work. They just looked a bit out of place, but didn’t act as a focus.

160727 family holiday photo and graphite for web


The drawing at about 77cm by 53cm is many times larger than the original photo, which is only about 8.5cm by 6cm, and I made it as an experiment in seeing how a greatly enlarged image might look. But I decided I wanted to see it side by side with the original at the same size. Here it is. I expected that the drawing would be significantly ‘off’ in some way but it is surprisingly accurate. But it’s overall feel is much more diffuse and dreamy. Almost out of focus, which fits with what I’m considering for a much larger drawing about how my adult self emerges from and enfolds my child self and memories.