Installing Georgina Talfana’s work on Shoreditch Art Wall, London EC2

Fellow student, Georgina Talfana, had an exhibition of four enormous drawings on Shoreditch Art Wall in east London. They were made in acrylic paint on tarpaulins, each about 4m wide by 2.5m tall, and were to be installed on the four panels that make up the Art Wall.

I volunteered to help George with the installation, which was definitely a 2-person job. George had planned to use nails, which would hook into the eyelets round the edges of the tarps, but it was very hard work getting the nails in securely and the eyelets tended to work their way off the nails because of the gusty wind. Luckily George had brought a staple gun as Plan B and this proved more efficient and more secure.

All I had to do was organise the tarps to make them easy to handle while George was up the ladder and hold the ladder to keep George safe. We installed all four in about 2 hours. It was another experience in just how much physical work is involved in being an artist!

160808 installing Shoreditch Art Wall with George Talafana for web