In the Frame, Wimbledon College of Arts, London SW19

We did not have the chance to present work from our National Gallery project at the gallery as planned. Our course-leader, Tania Kovats, suggested that the part-time year 1 students should curate an exhibition of the work alongside the degree show for which the graduating full-time and part-time year 2 students were preparing. This was too good an opportunity to miss.

I took on the overall planning of what was needed when; Janine did the design work for the poster and other printed materials and the look of the show; and we shared the curation and invigilation, drawing in particular on other people’s experience of curating other shows. As this is something new to me, I am learning a lot from the other members of the team.

So here are some shots of the four of us – me, Janine Hall, Nic Clarke and Ruth Richmond – installing the work, and of the finished show. At the Private View, we got a lot of very positive feedback on the presentation of the show, the individual works and the way we had worked together. Feedback from other staff was particularly gratifying: they don’t have to be nice! It was striking that two of them asked if we had had a lot of arguments when curating: we didn’t have any which I think is a result of everyone understanding how to work well as a team, making contributions but being willing to compromise.

160831 In the Frame installation 01 for web

sorting out what we’ve got; Andrew about to instal his sound piece in a cupboard

160831 In the Frame installation 02 for web

working out how to use the central space

160831 In the Frame installation 04 for web

measuring and levelling








160831 In the Frame installation 03 for web

It doesn’t look like we are installing anything here but we are!

160831 In the Frame installation 05 posters ready for web

signage in place for the opening; design for the poster and all printed material by Janine Hall









160831 In the Frame installation 06 me, Janine, George for web

installation shot: from left, my work ‘Trinity’; Janine Hall’s staircase rug; Georgina Talfana’s ‘Madonna of the Pelican’ and pelican

160831 In the Frame installation 08 Giulia, Ali for web

installation shot: from left Ali Christie’s self-portrait after the Rokeby Venus by Velasquez; Giulia Lanza’s installation ‘Left over the Hedge’; and hidden by the pillar, Caragh Savage’s studies of Van Eyck’s ‘Man with Turban’

160831 In the Frame installation 09 Sebastião, Janine, ruth, me, George for web

installation shot: from left, just in view 2 of Ruth Richmond’s pieces ‘After Constable’; Janine Hall’s shadow drawings; my ‘Trinity’; Janine’s rug; Georgina’s pelican; and in the foreground Sebastian Castelo Lopes’ work ‘The Books’