MA Drawing Unit 3 Assessment Presentations

Hearing the graduating students make their final presentations as part of their Unit 3 Assessments is a mixed blessing for us part-timers. On the one hand, it is a joy to see the fruits of their year’s labours and to hear in their own words what they have achieved and discovered. On the other, we become very aware of how nerve-wracking the process can be and how much effort it takes.

Anyway, I am trying to distil some key thoughts from hearing them, to help me through the next year.

  • the end of the course is also just the beginning of a new phase in our practice.
  • sometimes it is better to allow analysis to arise from the work itself, rather than impose concepts on it from the outset: making without having to know first what it’s all about. That seems to be what has happened over the summer.
  • you need a little to see how little you have: Andrew Youngson talking about the use of light in his photographs but I think that thought applies more widely.
  • memorials make memory into matter and may be permission to forget.
  • ‘I know why I do these things; I just don’t know what they are’: Sebastião Castelo Lopes on his work. I might be working in the opposite way.
  • fragments can be related to dissection and autopsy, particularly of the body but this idea might be applied to thoughts and the psyche too.
  • and on a practical note, for the final degree show, allow much more time than you think you will need to make and instal, as all sorts of things intervene: clearing, cleaning, meetings, tutorials, getting the essay done …