For we are many …

I’ve finished a large collage piece, Legion, which you can see on my Unit 2 Portfolio page. In the video below, you can see it being built up stage by stage.

The title is taken from a story in St Mark’s Gospel (chapter 5, verse 9) in which Christ, having cast out a demon, asks the demon its name. The demon replies: ‘My name is legion; for we are many.’

There is something quite dizzying, even if not quite demonic, about making a work using 4,285 images of yourself. Quite quickly they become just an image, just a pattern of tones. But every so often, the strangeness of working with so many selves struck me. It might seem self-centred but I would argue that it becomes almost the opposite: I am building up a picture of my adult self from many younger selves who seem quite separate from me now. I am not disowning them – on the contrary, I am consciously enfolding them into my adult self. But I can see them with some distance and objectivity. I can investigate what it means to carry all these experiences and emotions within me.