Drawn Together, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent

This show was organised by Rosalind Barker, recent graduate from the MA Drawing course at Wimbledon, in a gallery local to her. I submitted 2 recent pieces of work, Someone to Watch Over Me  and Legion, and am delighted to have the opportunity to instal both in a space that really works for both of them.

Legion needs to be seen from afar and also close up; Someone to Watch Over Me needs to be high up on the wall, looking down on the viewer. Both were possible in this space.

As part of the curation and installation team, I also helped Georgina Talfana recreate Memorial for a New Generation, a large work which was her final degree piece. The original had a welded steel frame supporting several dozen boxes made of drawings on transparent paper. The drawings were gradually removed from the frame during the degree show and ended as a pile of sheets on the floor. This was a tape grid of identical size, created on a wall, with the drawings to be stacked below.


the gallery has a sloping ceiling which offers some large drops


the crew hard at work








Ruth Richmond and Nic Clarke hanging my piece ‘Legion’


Georgina Talfana recreating her piece ‘Memorial for a New Generation’











me working on Georgina’s piece


gallery view showing ‘Legion’ on the left and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ in the centre over the doorway