Woven images

Something on Instagram revived a thought I had had earlier about merging two images by weaving. So I did a couple of trials, using a photograph of my face as an adult and another of my family when I was a small child. Neither attempt works quite how I wanted.


the two original images used for the first attempt


the two images woven together










One thing is that the image of my family is much higher contrast than the image of my face, so even small sections, framed by the weaving technique, are easily readable, whereas it is much harder to ‘read’ my adult features. I will see if increasing the contrast in the face image helps.


the two images used in the second test piece


the second test piece








I like the idea of two ages of me being physically and materially woven together, and I like the links to the pixelation I have explored in other drawings. But I don’t know whether I want to draw from the weavings or whether they are finished objects.