Proposal for ‘Same Difference’ at CASS Artspace Kingston

Fellow student, Janine Hall, has developed a speciality for spotting opportunities for exhibitions and  competitions. She noticed that CASS Arts were offering exhibition spaces at many of their stores for free to local artists and groups and suggested we should go for a group show there. I seem to have slipped into the role of co-ordinator/organiser, so I refreshed an earlier unsuccessful proposal for a show at the UAL Showroom in High Holborn.

I emailed the nearest CASS store in Kingston with the proposal below, and asked for a date in the early spring, after our Unit 2 assessment but before the high pressure period leading up to our final show.

Proposal for Contemporary Drawing Show: ‘Same Difference’

This exhibition will showcase the wide range of interests, themes, subjects, materials and outcomes which characterise drawing practice in the 21st century, as shown in the work of current MA Drawing and MFA students at Wimbledon College of Arts.

We want to show that drawing is an independent artistic practice in its own right. Drawing has many uses from the practical – such as preparatory sketches for sculpture – to the political.

The works in this show will demonstrate the range of the language of drawing – line, mark, tone, texture, explanation, exploration, mapping, narrative and imagination; and how that language is used in the expanded field of drawing to explore issues from self-perception, through the perception of everyday reality, to the creation of new realities.

What’s been agreed: we will install on 22 and 23 February for an opening on Friday 24 February. We plan to hold the PV on Saturday 25 February, as it has to be within the store opening hours and we didn’t think early evening would work. The show will run potentially to Saturday 4 March, but details are to be fixed later around their opening hours; their occasional use of space for workshops; our college commitments and how many people exhibit, i.e. will be available to invigilate.

The space is a ‘white cube’, not huge, but not cramped, with good natural light. The space is free but posters, flyers, publicity and the PV are not. Exhibitors have agreed to contribute £10 each to a fund to cover costs.

So far, we have 11 participants from the MA Drawing course and 3 from the MFA.  Janine and her husband, both graphic designers, will be responsible for the publicity materials: poster, e-invite and gallery notes. I anticipate that a small team will do the curating and hanging as we did for In the Frame and  Drawn Together.