Richard Serra at Gagosian, London WC1

The largest of the three works in this show, NU-2, 2016, was over 8 metres long, 4 metres wide and nearly 2 metres high. There were openings at either end so you could walk into it. The paths within it wended back and forth, sometimes narrowing, sometimes opening out. The interior walls were mostly sloping, so you had the sense of being enclosed, but light flooded in from above, so this wasn’t the enclosure of the cave or the tomb. In fact, there was an extraordinary feeling of weightlessness. Perhaps it is that, compared with the weight of steel, a person seems like a feather that could just float up into the space.

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The other two works, Rounds: Equal Weight, Unequal Measure 2016 and Rotate 2016, comprised pairs of solid blocks of steel, cylinders and rectangles respectively. These felt more grounded and had remarkable surfaces, like the skin of some ancient animal or plant.

161212-richard-serra-at-gagosian-03-for-web 161212-richard-serra-at-gagosian-05-for-web 161212-richard-serra-at-gagosian-11-for-web