Unit 3 Learner Agreement

Here is the text of my Learner Agreement for Unit 3


Unit:   Three   – Presentation

Name: Su Bonfanti

Overall aims and objectives

To prepare for the Final Degree Show in September, focussing on how to present a range of drawings and photographs as a network of memories or events, most likely within a small room-type space.

What is your plan and rationale for both your practice and research within this unit and how do you think that they support each other?

Moving on from previous research on time and on memory, my research now will focus on ideas about how the self is created, especially on the continuity of the self and the role of memory.

I plan to continue to explore my family and childhood in my drawings; and to use photography to explore myself now.

The new element is collage/creating networks: I’m going to take a practical approach of making ‘components’ relating to one moment or feeling and then trying out ways of combining them,

What background research will you undertake to help you formulate this proposal? 

I need to limit my reading in this unit but I want to look at some theoretical material, eg BergsonTime and Free Will  and Tim Ingold Being Alive. Bachelard’s Poetics of Space may be useful in relation to ‘myself as a room’.

I should spend more time considering the work or relevant artists such as:

  • Louise Bourgeois – for ideas about repair, reparation and construction
  • Jo Spence – for her use of photography and family history
  • Thomas Saraceno – networks

What resources will you need to secure carry out your proposal? Access to the Observatory and to a large format digital printer. In due course, a dedicated space to try out my networked drawing ideas.

What skills do you already have in this area? I will continue with some of the techniques I used in Unit 2: long-exposure photography, pinhole camera photography, pixelated drawings, ink drawing.

What skills do you anticipate needing to acquire or develop? I’ve started to use acrylic transfers and want to learn to control this more; and I want to improve my drawing of faces.