Tutorial with Tania Kovats

After my discussion with Phil Goss from the Centre for Recent Drawing, I had been rethinking my ideas for the final show, in particular, whether I wanted to pursue the idea of an installation of drawings. This was the key topic I wanted to discuss with Tania.

We reviewed the different  elements of my work in this unit:

ink and graphite drawings:






long-exposure photographs:






pin-hole camera photographs:






acrylic skin experiments:







I had more or less decided against an installation and this was confirmed by Tania’s observation, which fitted with what Phil had said, that she would be concerned about an approach under which I made a collection of drawings and then constructed a way of showing them as an installation. That would have the risks Phil described of looking un-thought-through and last-minute. It would be more productive to think about what the ‘object’ was that I wanted to create and then consider what kind of drawing(s) would be needed to make it.

So, I am now aiming at a small number – two? three? – large scale composite drawings. I have started on another using the image of my adult face, with a pieced surface including film, acrylic transfer and screen print on tracing paper. I have in mind another long piece, starting at the top with smaller scale pixelation/transfers and me as a young child, and moving forward in time getting bigger and bigger. Tania suggested that it would be good to incorporate some ink drawing – more ‘provisional, speculative’ than the pixelations – and to bring in figures from my long-exposure photos.

Now I just have to figure out how to do that …