About my work

Transitional Object No 1 The Boxed Set, 2017

I am looking for a way to piece myself together. I want to show you who I am, but how do I know who I am.

My present self is connected to my past selves – but exactly how is a mystery, even to me. We experience the passage of time through the movement from one moment to another, through what is there one moment and gone the next. We build the narrative of our lives from these fleeting events.

My work explores the possible connections between my current and past selves, and the role of memory in the narrative of our lives. It plays with the perspective of being a twin: always together yet always separate.

Working with my family photographs, I realised that my internal narrative of my own life bore little apparent connection to the events in the photographs. There was so much I did not remember. I felt like a stranger to my own life-story.

But we all select: we remember, then we forget, and we forget that we have forgotten. Every time we remember, we select again putting the fragments together differently. Some of us have more fragments to work with than others. But the forgetting, the gaps, the uncertainties and the not-knowing can create space for a new version of our self narrative. It is precisely what I don’t know or remember that allows for the (re)construction of myself in the present.

My work brings together aspects of past and present, enfolding one within the other, to make connections that memory alone cannot. A new story emerges from these new configurations drawing on my unconscious archive of experience. I am allowing drawing, collage and photography to show me who I am now.